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In the last ten years, India's tourism industry has grown. One of the reasons is that India's Ministry of Tourism has recognised the enormous potential of vacation tourism in India. India travel tourism has expanded significantly, with a large number of tourists from all over the world drawn in by the country's rich culture, legacy, and breath taking natural beauty. Every tourist's heart is captured by India tourism, with its misty hill stations, fascinating beaches, historical monuments, beautiful deserts, calm backwaters, pilgrimage sites, abundant wildlife, and colourful fairs. A variety of festivals, lively markets, a dynamic lifestyle, and traditional Indian hospitality will make your visit to India genuinely unforgettable and spectacular. Travel around the beautiful Indian states and get a close look at the vibrant hues and diverse cultural landscapes of this magnificent country. Our India travel guide gives you a taste of the country.

Tours to India exposes a world of opportunities for the traveller in you. This huge country with unimaginable cultural diversity and galvanizing geographical options offers an excessiveness of travel experiences. Right from the soaring chain of mountains in Himalayas to the small emerald of Goa and palm-fringed backwaters of Kerala, India with its diversity might keep even the foremost selective of travellers on their toes.

Experience the divine power of nice faiths, re-discover yourself within the mighty chain of mountains in Himalayas, Feel like a Royal King in the royalty in Rajasthan - the land of Maharajas, visit the enduring image of affection - the Taj Mahal in Agra or experience the echoes of dominion in Rajasthan. Indulge yourself to an intoxicating vacation in India, an experience that we to promise can stay graven in your reminiscences forever.

India Tourism Information
Currency Indian rupee (Rs.)
Population 1.252 billion
Time Zone UTC+05:30
Area 3.287 million km2
Capital New Delhi
Official Language Hindi, English
Capital's calling code +91


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